Infection (Dental Abscess)

Dental abscesses are infections that originated from a tooth. Some infections can grow without pain and remain unnoticed for a long time. This can become a serious issue as dental infections originating from a tooth can spread to other areas of the mouth, face, jaws and throat and can be potentially life threatening.

Here is some important information about dental infections:

  • Untreated tooth decay is the most common cause.
  • Dental infections can also occur in people with underlying medical conditions or autoimmune disorders.
  • Any trauma or injury can cause spontaneous tooth necrosis and infection
  • Dental infections go through many stages and can be painless at times.
  • Dental infections begin as a parulis (gum boil) and can progress to become a dental abscess (draining pus).
  • Abscesses can spread and become life-threatening infections if left untreated

It may or may not be able to save a tooth after the infection is treated. Generally, the way to treat a dental infection is through the use of antibiotics, in addition to either dental extraction or root canal therapy.

If you believe you have a dental infection, please contact us immediately.