The facilities are beautiful! Dr. Raj is nothing short of professional. He took the time to answer all of my questions and explained everything so well. I never felt rushed or pressured and left feeling reassured and confident that I was in good hands.

– V.K.


I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for my dentist, Dr. Vogel, who has been an instrumental part of my life.

Dr. Vogel is a perfectionist.  I can think of no other profession where you want a perfectionist on the other side. It is evident that his staff and colleagues are as equally respectful of him.

I am sincerely thankful I made the decision to be treated by Dr. Vogel.  I wish I had made this switch earlier.

With highest regards,

– B.K.


I have a lot of dental anxiety and usually avoid the dentist at all costs. But I started having some pain so it was time to see someone. A friend of mine recommended I see Dr. Dee. I am so happy that I found her, she is patient and understanding. She made me feel comfortable and calmed my fears. And I love how gentle she is when she’s working on me. Bonus is that she also has a warm friendly personality.

– T.N.


I am writing this as a recommendation for Dr. Raj. I spent a great amount of time with Dr. Raj and believe I came to know him well.

Dr. Raj is a humble, but appropriately confident practitioner. He is smart and as you get to know him, one finds that he has a good sense of humor. He related very well to his patients and was careful and concerned in the care he provided them. There was never any reason at all to doubt his integrity.


– K.M.


So many dentists just rush and don’t take time to listen to your concerns, Dr. Dee always makes time to go over everything and even calls to check on me after a long procedure to make sure I’m feeling good.

Love her!

– M.M.


I was experiencing dental pain and Manhattan Dentists was able to see me the same day that I called. Dr. Vogel was gentle, capable and candid. He explained to me exactly what was going on with my tooth and gave me all my options before starting any work. I was a bit apprehensive, but during the procedure I felt no pain. After putting off dental work for so long, I’m actually looking forward to coming back!

– P.Z.


I have not been to a dentist in a few years. I have never been completely satisfied with how my smile looked, and recent tooth pain made it so I had to see a dentist. Dr. Raj quickly put my worries to rest. We spoke about what bothered me and how I needed to have some work done. Dr. Raj taught me so much about how to take care of my teeth! He took his time explaining all my options and how I could achieve my goal of being comfortable, healthy, and having a beautiful smile.

I have, since meeting Dr. Raj, left him in charge of my smile. The condition of my gums, painful cavities, and cosmetics has all improved. My friends and family tell me I appear much more confident and comfortable with my smile. I am very pleased with all the work and actually enjoy seeing my dentist. Thank you Dr. Raj for your excellent attention, care, and expertise!

Much appreciation,

– S.C.